New Car Servicing

To ensure the warranty on your new vehicle lasts to the full extent of your agreement, it must undergo regular servicing as recommended by the manufacturer.

At A A West we use speciality service schedules produced by the manufacturer, to ensure our customers’ warranty remains intact. We use genuine or equivalent parts as part of the service, ensuring every care is taken to keep your warranty intact.

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Diesel Servicing

Are you using your diesel for short trips and stop-start traffic.? Our carbon cleaning machine can clear the gunk and build up caused by these driving conditions, restoring your engine to its old self and improving power and economy. Ask one of our highly skilled technicians.

Does the DPF light keep coming on in your small turbo diesel? Speak to one of our highly trained experts about a solution which is tailored to your particular driving patterns.

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Fleet Repairs

Are you running a trade business which relies on having vehicles on the road? At AA West Automotive, we know how important it is to reduce vehicle down time. We can service your vehicles and replace batteries and tyres, all in the one convenient location, getting your team back on the road fast.

We guarantee to keep your work vehicles on the road for the longest time possible.

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eSafety Checks

Most light vehicles more than five years old will require an eSafety check before they can be registered in NSW. We can conduct these inspections, and issue your vehicle with a roadworthy slip, clearing it with the Department of Roads and Maritime Services for use on the road.

We can also conduct eSafety inspections of LPG systems as required.

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Brake Repairs

As part of our comprehensive range of mechanical services, our team can provide repairs and replacement of worn brake components, covering brake pads, discs and drums.

We can also machine brake rotors and drums in-house, restoring their surface to allow the new linings to bed in correctly.

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Steering & Suspension

Our technicians can service your vehicle’s suspension and power steering systems to smooth out any ride comfort or handling issues.

We can also provide expert wheel balancing and four-wheel wheel alignment services with our state-of-the-art John Bean wheel alignment equipment, ensuring optimal control on the road.

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Clutch & Transmission

Trouble changing gears, or staying in gear, are common signs of a drive train problem, whether it’s a sticky clutch or faults in your transmission.

Our team at AA West can check your drive train and manual or automatic transmission for issues, including replacement of worn clutch parts and installation of new or reconditioned transmissions.

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Exhaust Services

At A A West we can replace your stock model exhaust with something from our range of quality aftermarket mufflers, headers and extractors.

Part of this service includes an exhaust gas analysis, allowing us to diagnose any lingering engine trouble and find the right exhaust solution for you.

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Diagnostics & Auto Electrical

As vehicles get more and more sophisticated, a greater reliance is placed on your vehicle’s auto electrics to support a broad range of on-board devices and essential systems. At A A West we use the latest diagnostic scan tools to locate and repair issues quickly and effectively.

We can also offer replacement batteries and a range of other auto electrical services and repairs.

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Other Services

We live to make our customers’ lives easier while their vehicle’s undergoing repairs. In pursuit of this we offer a range of additional services, including:

  • Windscreen and wiper replacement
  • Courtesy SMS to let you know your vehicle’s ready to collect
  • Free six month roadside assistance as part of Club Evolution
  • And much more
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